Comodo security breach?

LastPass notifyed me that has a security breach. Compromised data are Emails, Passwords, DOBs, Genders, Names.

Does anyone know anything about this? I have already changed my password, but I would prefer that my account be deleted and scrubbed since I never use this site. Thanks!

Yeah the Forum was Hacked with a malicious redirect like 2 months ago. They just ‘fixed’ it with no official announcements whatsoever. Just shows that this Forum is abandoned as their priority seems to be the Enterprise customers at the Itarian Forums, maybe they planning to redirect to as this will be their new Enterprise product name. talks about the breach. I or another global moderator can disable your account if you so wish to have it disabled, just make a request in the following topic:

do you mean the breach is almost like 3 years old?

Hi jkduke,

We have checked and found there is no security breach for in LastPass web browser extension.
However As you requested we have deleted your account.