COMODO Security Agent could not be started

Ok, This is really starting to peev me off now. I have a large family who are all internet users, but not as clever with computers as I am. So over the last week or so, I’ve been getting calls from the family about their computers not working. So, 1 by 1 I go investigate & this is what has happened.
They all use Avast Anti virus & Comodo firewall. Then Comodo decides to update to Comodo 10. They restart computers but they either get black screens, BSOD’s or simply nothing loading when their desktop has loaded & no internet. Also no system utils will work or even allow you to uninstall anything. So, 1 by 1 I’ve had to restart into safe mode. Uninstall Avast & reboot. Systems start working fine, but I cant just re install avast again as its back to square 1. I have to uninstall comodo, reboot then install avast & then re install comodo. 19 times I’ve had to do this & now its happening all over again. Security agent could not be started or what I’ve described above. The annoying this is, if security agent isn’t running, You have no internet & you cant install or uninstall anything. I mean, You can’t even uninstall Comodo in safe mode, unlike avast which allow’s you to do this.

So now I’m in a dilemma. Do I ditch Comodo that quite frankly isn’t working & according to comodo. These bugs are not classed as serious enough to stop the update roll out. So god knows what comodo think is serious. Because for me, having a computer that refuses to boot correctlys. refuses you to uninstall or install anything. Refuses you to run any program & finally, won’t let you have access to the internet. I call these pretty dam serious bugs. But apparently, Comodo seem’s to think rolling out a update will fix this will fix everything. So I would like to ask comodo this.

How can you fix a buggy program with an update if said computer isn’t working or able to access the internet due to the bug?

So, anyone recommend any alternative firewalls, because I’ve had enough now!

Hi VsUK,
What I don’t get is whenever there is any incompatibility issues or conflicts between software that it is always Comodo at fault?
Comodos main aim is to make their software compatible for a variety of operating systems and if this breaks compatibility with other software, well maybe the other software need to catch up.

Just my thoughts.


I have to agree with captainsticks, which is not what you ‘want’ to hear, but it is security software from two different companies so there is a greater chance they don’t co exist very well. They had been working together well, but after an update they don’t. Does Comodo have to ask and test an update with avast to make sure their software works together? I would say no as they are in competition and I am sure avast would not come knocking on Comodo’s door asking if one of their updates works perfectly with Comodo’s software before they release it ?

I am the same as you and look after all the families computers, volunteered by them 88) and only have Comodo Internet Security installed on all of them and it works a treat and I’m safe in the knowledge that they are secure, I’ve been laughing at all these other people worrying about is their anti virus going to protect them from wannacry, no problem when CIS is installed :slight_smile:

My advice - only have Comodo Internet Security. It will be easier for you and safe for all your family :slight_smile:

So you would recommend Comodo’s complete package of firewall & AV?

I do disagree in that it’s not Comod’s responsibility to make software compatible with other Software. Avast hasn’t updated since Comodo updated to 10. Which means Comodo’s update isn’t compatible with Avast. They should have made sure no conflicts occur with other commonly installed software. If that was the case, then companies would make software that didn’t work with windows & force Microsoft to update so it did. Avast works perfectly well with comodo & without comodo. However comodo doesn’t work with Avast, so I don’t see why it’s Avast’s job to make there software compatible with others, when their software works fine with or without it?

I’ve always used Avast AV & Comodo FW as they provide the best protection for free that I’ve experienced! I just remember comodo’s AV not been much cop & flagging software I make for myself as malicious & rather than asking what I want to do. It just goes ahead & deletes it anyways.



  • not working User interface after update
  • problems on Windows Vista after update
  • issues with SecureLine license after update
  • conflict with Comodo firewall
  • installation of web extensions on 64-bit version of Firefox
  • problems with opening Avast UI after installation
  • security issue in SafeZone browser banking mode

Please check again with the latest versions of CF and Avast. I am testing Avast AV and there is no observable conflict with CF. And CF had a hotfix which fixed the security agent could not be started issue.

Hi VsUK,
That is not a good example, Windows is the operating system and not just some third party software.
When an operating system updates, other software including Comodo have to keep pace.

It is unfortunate conflicts occur between software, but it is just a fact of life.
As I have said, software creators have to make their software work with operating systems and even specific hardware configurations.
They can’t test all other software, popular or not.

Kind regards.

OK, I have just gone through the steps on various systems where the error security agent could not be started after booting up. Basically, I uninstall both Avast & Comodo firewall. Rebooted systems & then downloaded comodo firewall only & guess what. On 7 of the dozen systems I maintain, comodo fails to load when the system reboots randomly & after a few minutes, an error box pops up saying Comodo security agent could not be started. Takes 2 or 3 restarts for it to actually work.

Now, you could argue this could be some leftover things on 1 system or bad settings. But on 7 systems is just not a coincidence & after googling & seeing on some other forums dedicated to windows 10, many more are having the same problem.

So, to rule things out. I have a top of the line laptop not used since purchase. I got it out, updated windows to the latest built & then without installing any other software, installed comodo firewall. Rebooted & it did the exact same thing.

So, for me, this is a bug with Comodo’s security agent. I did fix this mind by uninstalling the Internet Security essentials from the control panel that is a separate install from Comodo itself. So why is this a separate install? I’ve ruled out 3rd party software causing conflicts. It’s clearly a Comodo bug they are reluctant to admit exists. Been a loyal user for many years but I’m starting to get fed up with it now!