Comodo SecureEmail Review: The Best Free Email Encryption

Comodo SecureEmail Review: The Best Free Email Encryption :-TU

Sweet.! (:KWL)

Well deserved for Secure Email!

Unfortunately email is the orphan protocol when it comes to security! We protect the web protocols, we encrypt web traffic…but Email…god forbid!

Comodo Secure Email (CSE), removes both barriers…ease of use…and cost along with great compatibility…now there is no reason not to encrypt!

Its install and forget…Comodo secure email will do the work for you… You don’t even have to decide which to encrypt or not… CSE will do it all for you :slight_smile:


Problem with mail encryption is “receiving” party. They would not bother to use web interface to read your letter. And definitely would not bother to install CSE. At least those recipients which (for example) i deal with.

They don’t need to!

if they have a digital cert, thats all they need


Thanks. Seems like it was mine omission.

I just want to share what I have found out.

You can go to for free email encryption. You can send encrypted email through their website or download the application.

I have tried it myself and it works great.