Comodo SecureEmail 2.5 Released

Comodo SecureEmail 2.5 is now available for download from:
This version has an Outlook plug-in mode (described below) for better integration with Microsoft Outlook mail client and support of Microsoft Exchange Server and HTTP e-mail accounts.

New in this 2.5 version:

  • ADDED Outlook plug-in mode
  • ADDED MS Exchange Server support (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED HTTP protocol support (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED CSE Toolbar for Outlook (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED Windows 7 support
  • ADDED Wizard that scans e-mails for Certificates (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED Wizard that scans for e-mails encrypted with session certificates (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED Check for certificate revocation
  • ADDED Autopublishing received certificates to GAL (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED Installation of default certificate in Outlook (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED Support for distribution lists in Outlook
  • ADDED Option to manually set security settings for the current e-mail (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • ADDED Client Settings Update (Import/Restore) Wizard (LSP mode only)
  • ADDED “Clear Statistics” option
  • IMPROVED Encryption prompt functionality
  • IMPROVED IMAP protocol support
  • IMPROVED Compatibility with Thunderbird for IMAP protocol (LSP mode only)
  • IMPROVED Installer functionality
  • IMPROVED Uninstaller functionality
  • IMPROVED Repair Mode functionality
  • IMPROVED Management of Outlook Contacts (Outlook plug-in mode only)
  • IMPROVED Calendar e-mails processing
  • IMPROVED x64 setup file size reduced
  • UPDATED Configuration GUI
  • UPDATED CSE service e-mails
  • FIXED Issues with IMAP protocol in Outlook 2007
  • FIXED Issues with wrong statistics data
  • FIXED Issues with Meeting messages in Outlook 2007
  • FIXED Certificate Update Messages processing issues
  • FIXED Issues with Windows Mail client (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED Issues with incorrect Policies group names
  • FIXED Issues with session certificate e-mails not decrypted
  • FIXED Several GUI issues
  • FIXED Issues with images inside e-mails encrypted with session certificates
  • FIXED Issues with WebReader
  • FIXED Issues with Certificate Sign-Up Wizard
  • FIXED Mozilla Thunderbird crash with IMAP TLS accounts (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED Issues with encryption prompt
  • FIXED Installation issues on Windows XP SP1 x64
  • FIXED Issues with information footer
  • FIXED Issues with automatic certificates installation
  • FIXED Issue with redrawing language panel in the Windows Task bar while installing
  • FIXED Issues with Uninstaller
  • FIXED Issue with cancelling of sending e-mails
  • FIXED Issues with automatic update of contacts with the up-to-date certificates
  • FIXED Issues with not processing e-mails received to user folders
  • FIXED Issues with crashing Windows Mail (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED Issues with crashing Mozilla Thunderbird (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED SSL connection issues in Windows XP x64 and Vista (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED Issues with High security level (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED Issues with CSE windows appearing on the background (LSP mode only)
  • FIXED Issues with Tampered signature of signed e-mails with empty body
  • FIXED Issue with Uninstaller if UAC is enabled

Outlook plug-in mode has the following features:

  • Improved integration with Outlook.
  • CSE configuration available from Outlook Tools->Options->Comodo SecureEmail.
  • Native support for all Outlook transport protocols and secure connections because transport is now completly handled by Outlook.
  • CSE supports overrideing Outlook’s encrypt/sign buttons, i.e. encryption and signing are handed over to CSE (e.g. Outlook button choice will take effect only if you choose to use Override mode otherwise CSE settings will).
  • Outlook plug-in mode does not have conflicts with some AV scanners that the LSP mode experienced.

Known Issues:

  • CSE dosn’t support SSL accounts with turned on SPA (LSP mode only)
  • Minor issues with Thunderbird 3 and IMAP protocol (LSP mode only)
  • CSE doesn’t support Hotmail accounts (LSP mode only)
  • CSE Outlook Express plug-in doesn’t start under WinXP x64 (LSP mode only)

Please post bug reports here: