Comodo SecureEmail Alpha II Released

Comodo SecureEmail Alpha II is now available for alpha testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use) and can be downloaded from:

NOTE: This version has some issues with Outlook 2007 mail client without any certificate installed. If you have issues with Outlook 2007, please check for installed certificate (select “Tools”->“Trust Centre…” menu option then “Trust Centre” dialog will appear - select “E-mail security” Tab and check “Default Setting” field. If it is empty click “Settings” button and click OK - certificate will be selected if any e-mail certificate is present on the PC. If you have no certificate you should order the one with Comodo SecureEmail Sign-Up Wizard.)

New in this Alpha II version:

  • ADDED Check for runninng instance of Outlook during installation/uninstallation (for correct installation Outlook should be turned off before an install or uninstall).
  • ADDED “Clear Statistics” option
  • ADDED Reencrypt single-use encrypted e-mails with User certificate in Outlook for security reasons
  • IMPROVED Outlook plug-in Mode in multiple user environment
  • IMPROVED CSE Prompt behaviour
  • IMPROVED Support for HTTP protocol
  • IMPROVED Work with Thunderbird with IMAP protocol in LSP Mode
  • FIXED Issues with IMAP protocol in Outlook 2007
  • FIXED Issues with wrong statistics data
  • FIXED Issues with Meeting messages in Outlook 2007
  • FIXED Plug-in Mode now works with non-admin user accounts
  • FIXED Certificate Update Messages management
  • FIXED Multiple issues with unexpected Outlook’s warnings
  • FIXED Issues with Windows Mail client
  • FIXED Issues with incorrect Policies group names
  • FIXED Issues with single-use certificate e-mails not decrypted

Outlook plug-in mode has the following features:

  • Improved integration in Outlook.
  • CSE configuration available from Outlook Tools->Options->Comodo SecureEmail.
  • Native support for all Outlook transport protocols and secure connections because transport is now complete by Outlook.
  • CSE support overrides Outlook’s encrypt/sign buttons, i.e. encryption and signing are handed over to CSE (e.g. Outlook button choice don’t take effect, CSE rules do).
  • Outlook plug-in mode does not have conflicts with AV scanners that the LSP experienced.
  • Outlook plug-in mode now supports Anti-Viruspyware (CAVS) and Comodo AntiSpam 1.0 (CAS).
  • The help file does not reflect the Outlook plug-in at this time.

LSP Mode has the following features:

Please post bug reports here:

Regards, Eugene.

Installed it just now. Looks good, integrated seamlessly into Outlook 2007, and even recorded as outgoing a test email I sent.
Thank you.
Good work. :slight_smile:

good work guys!