Comodo SecureEmail 1.1 released. [CLOSED]

Comodo SecureEmail is now available for download from:
This version has a SSL support so CSE will work with GMAIL and other secure e-mail servers.

New in this version:
ADDED SSL Support! Must be configured correctly in the protocols tab to enable encryption.
ADDED Enabling / disabling automatic check for update in SecureEmail Options
IMPROVED Sign-Up Wizard
IMPROVED Settings export from mail clients
UPDATED User Guide
FIXED Minor logging issues
FIXED Hyperlink to Corporate Secure Email Certificates in Sign-Up Wizard
FIXED CAS compatibility issues
FIXED Minor Sign-Up Wizard compatibility issues with Win2000

Known Issues:

  • SE has compatibility issues with Comodo Anti-Viruspyware (CAVS) and Comodo AntiSpam 1.0 (CAS).
    Note: The latest Comodo AntiSpam (CAS) 2.1 is fully compatible with Comodo SecureEmail.

Please post bug reports here:


Version 2.0 is out:

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