Comodo SecureEmail 1.1 Beta released with SSL support. [CLOSED]

Comodo SecureEmail 1.1 Beta SSL released, available here as a forums download and is available from this link:

This version has a Beta of the SSL support feature, so CSE will work with GMAIL too. See the topic “How to configure SSL with CSE” to find out how to setup Google Mail support.

Comodo SecureEmail 1.0 will still be on the normal site of but will be replaced in the near future.

New in this 1.1 Beta version:
ADDED SSL Support (Beta feature)! Must be configured correctly in the protocols tab to enable encryption.
ADDED Enabling / disabling automatic check for update in SecureEmail Options
IMPROVED Sign-Up Wizard
IMPROVED Settings export from mail clients
UPDATED User Guide
FIXED Minor logging issues
FIXED Hyperlink to Corporate Secure Email Certificates in Sign-Up Wizard
FIXED CAS compatibility issues
FIXED Minor Sign-Up Wizard compatibility issues with Win2000

Known Issues:

  • SE Beta has compatibility issues with Comodo Anti-Viruspyware (CAVS) and Comodo AntiSpam 1.0 (CAS). New versions of CAVS and CAS will be released shortly to correct this problem.

Please post bug reports here:


CSE 1.1 officially launched!