Comodo SecureEmail 1.0 released. [CLOSED]

Comodo SecureEmail 1.0 is now available for download from:

New in this version:

  • ADDED Enabling / disabling automatic check for update in SecureEmail Options
  • ADDED Detection of unsupported anti-viruses during CSE installation
  • ADDED Restoring Outlook Express account settings after uninstallation of CSE
  • FIXED CAS compatibility issues
  • FIXED Hyperlink to Corporate Secure Email Certificates in Sign-Up Wizard
  • FIXED Minor Sign-Up Wizard compatibility issues with Win2000
  • FIXED Crashes after unsinstallation without restart
  • FIXED CSE did not block unencrypted mail in some scenarios
  • FIXED GUI problems on configurations with dual monitors
  • FIXED Mozilla Thunderbird plug-in did not run on some configurations
  • IMPROVED SecureEmail Pro internal certificate processing
  • UPDATED User Guide
  • UPDATED GUI skins

The following features are belayed for this version:

  • SSL connection support – a new specific beta version with SSL support will be available in around 2 weeks. We’ll post that in the Beta corner.



Comodo Secure Email 1.1 BETA is now out. This includes SSL Support with other fixes.

See here.

UPDATE: CSE 1.1 officially launched!