Comodo SecureEmail 1.0 released.[CLOSED]

Comodo SecureEmail 1.0 is now available for download from:

New in this version:

  • ADDED Enabling / disabling automatic check for update in SecureEmail Options
  • ADDED Detection of unsupported anti-viruses during CSE installation
  • ADDED Restoring Outlook Express account settings after uninstallation of CSE
  • FIXED CAS compatibility issues
  • FIXED Hyperlink to Corporate Secure Email Certificates in Sign-Up Wizard
  • FIXED Minor Sign-Up Wizard compatibility issues with Win2000
  • FIXED Crashes after unsinstallation without restart
  • FIXED CSE did not block unencrypted mail in some scenarios
  • FIXED GUI problems on configurations with dual monitors
  • FIXED Mozilla Thunderbird plug-in did not run on some configurations
  • IMPROVED SecureEmail Pro internal certificate processing
  • UPDATED User Guide
  • UPDATED GUI skins

The following features are belayed for this version:

  • SSL connection support – a new specific beta version with SSL support will be available in around 2 weeks. We’ll post that in the Beta corner.



Welldone to the CSE team for launching this release version! Good job guys!

This product is a patent pending amazing product that is a world’s first, because a company can simply set and forget it! user interaction is not required as it learns who has certs who doesn’t and it gradually encrypts all your communication without the user doing anything! It also has an ability to encrypt for a person who doesn’t have a digital certificate, which has been the biggest blocker to any PKI based secure email model! Consider CSE an unblocker for that! :slight_smile:

Pls enjoy the product and let your email be secure! (cos it totally is not today :slight_smile: )


Comodo SecureEmail 1.1 BETA is now released.

See Here: