Comodo SecureEmail Beta released, available here as a forum download

Comodo SecureEmail Beta released, available here as a forums download only via the following link for beta testing:

This version has an alpha of SSL support feature, so CSE will now work with GMAIL too. See the topic “How to configure SSL with CSE” to find out how to setup googlemail.

Comodo SecureEmail Beta will still be on the normal download site of but will be replaced in the near future.

New in this version:
NEW! SSL Support (alpha feature). Must be configured correctly in the protocols tab to enable encryption.
NEW! Selection of digital certificate for signing of outgoing e-mails;
NEW! Optional blocking of non-secured (unencrypted) outgoing e-mails;
NEW! Added clear text version of incoming signed e-mails;
IMPROVED! Procedure of ordering Comodo Personal Certificates;
IMPROVED! Installation of ordered Comodo Personal Certificates;
IMPROVED! Interoperation with Microsoft Outlook;
IMPROVED! Interoperation with Mozilla Thunderbird mail;
IMPROVED! Mail processing performance;
FIXED! Signed emails were not sent, with a wrong error message shown
FIXED! Version upgrade did not remove entries from Windows Add/Remove
FIXED! Minor GUI issues
FIXED! Reading account settings from email clients
FIXED! Setup failed in Microsoft Windows 2000
FIXED! Timeouts when receiving emails encrypted with single-use certificates
FIXED! Minor GUI issues
FIXED! Windows Update hung if no updates were available;
FIXED! Compatibility with FTP clients;
FIXED! Compatibility with IE7 RSS client;
FIXED! Compatibility with POPPeeper;
FIXED! Compatibility with PocoMail;
FIXED! Compatibility with IncrediMail;
FIXED! Resigning of outgoing e-mails;
FIXED! Minor memory leaks;

Known Issues

  • SE Beta has compatibility issues with Comodo Anti-Viruspyware (CAVS) and Comodo AntiSpam (CAS). New versions of CAVS and CAS will be released shortly to correct this problem.
  • SE Beta has compatibility issues with NOD32 Antivirus Software and Panda.


Good Job Shane and Team!!

Keep it up and look forward to a final release soon (:WIN)


Sounds great!!!
I’ll give it run with my google account