Comodo Secure Shopping


I have 2 problems/questions about Comodo Secure Shopping :-:

First, every time when I’m in CSS there are two interesting window on the TaskBar that do nothing at all when I click them ( You can see that on the cssTaskBar.jpg picture). So the question about these is there someone who know what are these for or can I get rid of them somehow?

The second and more important question is about RemoteConnection. Sometimes when I got into CSS I got a message that Remote Connection Was Detected! I looked after and I found out that I can view what causes it in the registry so I attached it to the images (cssReg.jpg). It’s about my keyboard as far as I know (Imperator keyboard driver) : IMhid.exe but I dont have a clue why does it say it has something with Remote Connection and I installed its drivers with his CD (I have this keyboard about three years ago now). So my question is do I have to worry about it? Does someone know if it is a problem or not?

Anyway, I hope someone can help me out! Have a nice day! :azn:

this happen here…
these windows is profiles code firefox…
if use keyscrambler and comodo secure shopping, you is alerted :-TU

comodo secure shopping prevent against spywares!

sorry my english!

The first one is just the Input Method Editor enabled to switch between different language inputs on your system and is quite normal. The second is undoubtedly the Keyboard driver

The same popup occurs when using KeyScrambler due to interception of Keyboard strokes

Neither are anything to be concerned about

Thank you again for your help! ;D

You’re welcome :-TU