Comodo Secure Shopping for Linux

As an average user I do like Linux for it simplicity, speed and reliability but when It comes to security I don’t trust Linux because you need to be an expert in order to make sure there are no suspicious processes and connections going-on but even then you just can’t be sure 100% as many packages are maintained by 3rd party and who knows what is hidden under the hood.

I would love to see the whole Internet Security package on Linux that would constantly scanning and analyzing running processes and connections and block, sandbox any suspicious staff but that would be obviously huge commitment and most power Linux users simply don’t even want to run any antivirus on Linux. So I can understand it would be an impossible request and some may even think would make no sense.

But you just can’t expect average users to be able to analyze processes and connections manually and packages maintained by 3rd party is a must if you want to get the latest software on Linux and as an average user I would love to see Secure Shopping on Linux, an isolated environment that block any malicious process from access to my sessions inside SS.

Thank you.