Comodo Secure Email with Windows mail, and Norton Internet Security

I like the Idea of CSE, but when I installed it and tried to run it, my Windows mail would not download messages. I made sure it was the correct port, and not cox communications problem. If I remove CSE my Windows Mail downloads with no problems. Is there any conflict With Norton Internet Security 2010 anti spam and Virus scan? Is there a way to resolve this issue. Outgoing Email SMTP is 25, Incoming Mail (POP3) is port 110.
Thank you.

Hi pwagjosph.

Comodo SecureEmail has the issues with Anti-virus applications that scan mail traffic (in your case: Norton Internet Security 2010 with anti spam turned on).

We’ll try to fix these issues in the future releases.

Thanks for trying Comodo SecureEmail.

Regards, Eugene.