Comodo Secure DNS


My question: the using of Comodo secure dns server can slow down the speed of my net connection?
If I launch the default browser (Chrome), the browser load automatically as start page. But, the loading time is very long, more than 2-3 second.
Before the using of Comodo secure dnd, the loading time was under a second.


I’m no expert on DNS, but AFAIK the differences in speed when using an alternative DNS server like Comodo’s can depend on your location. I live in the UK, and I find that DynDNS Internet Guide gives me slightly faster browsing speeds than Comodo’s servers (I felt that both were an insy-winsy bit faster than OpenDNS as well). These are not official results by any means, and they have not been tested; this is just my own personal experience.

So it depends partially on your location, and also on the general speed of your internet connection.

So, to be blunt… where are you and what’s your internet speed? :smiley:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: