COMODO Secure DNS - Westell DSL Modem Router On Verizon / Frontier

I have a Westell 327W DSL Modem Router Combo that use to be on Verizon until it was bought out by Frontier in my area. The following directions should work with other Westell DSL Modem Router Combos.

This is how to change the default DNS servers to COMODO Secure DNS for a Westell DSL Modem Router Combo on Windows 7…

  1. Open COMMAND PROMPT and enter IPCONFIG /ALL which will show you the DEFAULT GATEWAY. This is the router’s IP address.

  2. Open your web browser and enter the router’s IP address into the address window and press ENTER.

  3. At some point during the following steps you will be asked for the router admin’s username/password. If you changed them, you better know what you changed them to. If you didn’t change them, they are probably either admin/admin or admin/password.

  4. When the main router page appears, click on MY NETWORK at the top.

  5. When MY NETWORK loads, click on NETWORK CONNECTIONS on the left.

  6. When NETWORK CONNECTIONS loads, click the ACTION button to the right of BROADBAND CONNECTION (DSL).

  7. There are two sections here; PPP Connection Profile and VCs. Click the EDIT button to the right of PPPoE under the VCs section.

  8. The primary and secondary DNS will have in both boxes. Change these to…



  1. Click APPLY at the bottom. It will say the modem needs to be RESET. Do not worry about this, it is just resetting the connection to the new DNS servers and not the entire router. It will go back to the MAIN page and will soon connect.

The COMODO Secure DNS servers can be verified as being used by clicking on SYSTEM MONITORING > ADVANCED STATUS > ADVANCED LAN STATISTICS.

Now we need to change or verify the DNS settings for the network adapter(s) using Windows 7 as an example…


  2. On the right, click on CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS. This will load the network adapter(s) on your computer.

  3. Right-click on the first network adapter listed and left-click on PROPERTIES.

  4. When the PROPERTIES windows appears, double-click on INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 (TCP/IPV4).

  5. Dot the circle in front of USE THE FOLLOWING DNS SERVERS if it is not already selected and use the following…



  1. Click OK.

So why change the network adapter(s) DNS servers to the COMODO Secure DNS server addresses if the router has already been configured to use them? Because your computer may one day connect to a different network so it just makes sense to also add them to the network adapter(s).