Comodo Secure DNS settings.

it says “You are NOT using SecureDNS”

but I’ve added those Comodo SecureDNS in my Linksys rooter when Comodo asked for it

I’m using Comodo Internet Security - CIS (Premium)

In addition to adding the IP of SecureDNS to your rooter (I assume you meant “router”), have you also added the SecureDNS IP addresses to your Windows system?

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Only added to the router. Windows firewall is turned off.

Try adding the SecureDNS addresses t your PC’s IP configuration.

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Could you please give me the directions?

I’m running W7 x64 OS.

Hi freshhh,
Windows 7 / Vista - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS Service-Comodo Help

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Thanks so the good current ones are & ??

What about those Comodo DNS IP I’m currently using: and
It looks like it’s still working but with issues (some websites blocked).

Hi freshhh,
I will try to find out more from Staff about this.

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Edit: I have PMed Staff about this.

Since I’ve installed current Comodo DNS, my browsing speed is affected, it has became extremely slow.

How comes? I’m gonna need to rely on another DNS solution because of that. :frowning:

Any response from staff?

Hi C0m0doUserBobbby353,
Unfortunately no, but I will try again with another PM. :frowning:

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Edit: I have now sent another PM to Staff.

Hi Guys,

I m checking now, will get back to you asap ,

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Hi Buket,
Thank you for looking into this.


Sorry, this ended up in multiple posts- I got some information from Neustar which I posted here:

I added the quote instead of the url for an easier read. Eric

Another PM reminder sent to Staff regarding information on the two DNS settings.

Hi freshh,

Our QA infıormed me that , they have sent you a message regarding your problem, could you please check your personal message box please ?

They would like to know if you used CIS 5.X previously ?

Please let us know accordingly.

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Thanks Buket,
So my understanding is as follows.
Previous Comodo Secure DNS =
Current Secure DNS =
This can be checked using the following link, if you are using the correct settings you should see the active Secure DNS page. (See screenshots)

If you had previous versions (5.x) installed and selected Secure DNS during installation, you would have activated the old settings.
Uninstalling previous versions (5.x) does not revert your settings back to default, so therefore the old settings remain.
If you had a previous version (5.x) installed and selected Secure DNS during installation then updated to the current version not Selecting Secure DNS, then the old DNS settings would remain.
With the current version if you selected Secure DNS during installation, you would have activated the new settings.
Uninstalling the current version reverts your DNS settings back to default.

I hope my understanding is correct and that it helps clear up some issues regarding the two different settings available.

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I wasn’t aware of this & the instructions that captainsticks was very helpful.

When i checked the settings in the instructions captainsticks provided the boxes for the DNS server numbers is empty.

When i click on this link—> i see the green check mark so i take it that every thing is ok.My question is since it is ok should i still add the Comodo DNS numbers in windows or just leave it alone?