Comodo Secure DNS Servers

I recently installed Comodo Dragon and selected the Comodo Secure DNS option for all apps and when I look as the DNS servers setup for my LAN Conection I see :-

Is this correct or was it an oversight with the latest 14.0 Comodo Dragon and should they be what the web page says :- and ??

For now I have changed them to the latter as tracert puts on a totally different route.

The first address is to the new version of SecureDNS that is in beta.

Announcing Comodo Secure DNS Service

I don’t know why the alternate address is set for the older service.

Thank you … I will change the forwarder for my DNS and the 1st dns for this PC I am working on for a colleague

Now that I think about it, the alternate is likely so it will fall back on the older service if the newer service (still being worked on) has an outage.

that is exactly the purpose of that setting.

could i use one address from clear cloud and one from comodo secure dns or would that cause conflicts somehow?

But ClearCloud is dead, isn’t it?
Use Sendori DNS instead…

as far as i know clear cloud is still around. does sendori dns tend to block more and if so what’s the site

the beta version doesn’t work for me. only and .
it is bad? :slight_smile:

At the moment, I don’t think it’s bad. That is just the older version of the service.

I have these currently…

LATEST (Primary) (Secondary)

CIS INSTALL CHANGE (Primary) (Secondary)

OLD (Primary) (Secondary)

On the right, it lists the ones under LATEST but in the first paragraph it is still saying so that probably needs to be updated.

Since the newer service is still in beta, I’m sure they are using the older service as the secondary address in case the newer service goes down for any reason.

Yesterday participated in testing. Old service comodo dns was equal with kis 2012 and has outstripped Avira is.
And the beta the version comodo dns has found out nothing. Result zero. :o
approximately when beta version will become finale?