Comodo Secure DNS Question?.

A long time ago I started using Comodo Secure DNS. The server numbers I installed from the Comodo site here at that time were 8-26-56-26 primary & 8-20-247-20 as secondary. I had these server numbers set on both my PC as well as in my router. Yesterday I got a pop up from Comodo CIS telling me that updates were available from CIS v6.3 to CIS v7. After the install I noticed that the DNS server numbers in my PC have been changed to 156-154-70-22 primary & 156-154-71-22 secondary. My question is, which DNS server numbers are the secure ones and does it matter if the ones installed in my router are different from the ones in my PC as they now are, after the install of Comodo CIS v7?.

I would like to know that too.

Please, Anybody can answer that question? Whats the difference between those ip pairs?, thanks.

i have not seen these new dns on my pc - it is better adding dns on the router - i have not had this pop-up (update) -
i think the same numbers must be present on the both -

is a dns-update or a version-update ?
is it coming from ipv6 or a vpn driver (anchor) ?


I would like to know thats the difference between this dns ip pairs.

CIS install the second pair but securedns web shows the first pair.

I also would like to know what the difference and what should I use now?

I have asked that two times on CIS 7 forum threat but nobody answer me.

I would like to know which dns ip pair is the best.

Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022 or (?)

I think it should be and (?)

it seems that the second is for uncensored site … secure seems to be more for the first choice (Alternative DNS - WikiLeaks) …

Why CIS install the second pair?

HeffeD comment:
“The first address is for the new beta DNS service, and the second address is the older version of SecureDNS. The second address is there in case the beta service goes down for some reason.”

so you answered to your question

Why CIS install the second pair?

it was my questions : is a dns-update or a version-update ? is it coming from ipv6 or a vpn driver (anchor) ?

i repeat it ; i have not that on my pc , so the second choice because in case of failure … is not an argument.