Comodo Secure DNS blocks another non malware torrents site

I found out recently that I couldn’t connect to anymore. I checked if it was just down for me or everyone else, but it just seemed to be me. So first thing I figured was that it must be the dns servers of CSDNS.
Upon changing my DNS servers to OpenDNS, the site was reachable again.
Think I m gonna stick to OpenDNS as from now on. I just can’t be hassled by problems given by CSDNS blocking legit sites anymore. :-\


i was trying to buy a motorcycle at:
and i was blocked


What OS are you running?

This is strange. It does it for me also and there’s no button to allow you to ignore and continue.

If anyone else knows of any other sites that you can’t ignore the warning for can you please list them below. You should always be able to ignore and continue.

It’s not blocked for me (using OpenDNS servers) but I get this as website:

I don’t think that the formentioned url should look like this if I am right.

Shouldnt it be ??

When I open that I get a blank page. Meaning that the website itself has problems.
When I try to go there through a proxy, the proxy states "Failed to connect to the specified host. Possible problems are that the server was not found, the connection timed out, or the connection refused by the host. "

When I use an online DNS lookup service it states:
DNS Lookup
Invalid host name ‘

So I cannot try to connect to the IP belonging to this url to see if that works.

Same with the url

DNS Lookup
Invalid host name ‘

So I guess the website doesn’t exist anymore.

So if the website doesn’t exist anymore there is no option to go to the site and see that for yourself. That doesn’t make sense. How would you know that was the real problem.

Why is the ignore option gone?

As stated, I use OpenDNS as DNS servers, so I do not see the ignore option.
The above mentioned results by me speak for themselves don’t they?
If a website doesn’t exist anymore (so there’s no IP attached to it’s host) it’s normal that you do not see anything.
Also… a is a very uncommon name for a website based in Australia. So I think it should be But going there just gets me a blank page.
If you wanna know for sure, temporarily disable the Comodo DNS servers and use the DNS servers of yer own IPS (so obtain DNS automatically) and see what results you get on both and