Comodo Secure DNS and Google URL Shortener service (and Google Drive)


The day before yesterday was pretty slow the internet in Hungary, and in the World.
I used domain name server, the Comodo Secure DNS service.

But …
Two things I have observed;

  • ‘Timed out’ on the Google URL Shortener page was not accessible at all (which is weird)
  • Drive your own om was available, however, and I could not upload anything there yesterday, day before yesterday.

All other site worked well for Secure DNS.

Said Google URL Shortener (shortening URL) and Drive operation was also restored if ‘anything’ was used instead of the Comodo server addresses, to be precise;

  • Google’s servers resolvers, these:,, or
  • The service his own with: I use the mobile Internet.
    But immediately place they came from! So surely the Secure DNS is the thing behind. But why?

What is wrong with these two sides?

  • Google URL Shortener
  • Google Drive

I tried other browsers such as Firefox. Qt Browser, Chromium, or Firefox, different customs …
I use Linux woven anyway, as regards the question does not matter, just incidental information. The browser add-ons are the same, etc…
After the connection is restarted after changing the address of the servers is everything fine - but not in Secure DNS.

Here, too, I put the question, really, really interested in …:
(i am a hungarian)

Best regards,