Comodo & Second Life

Hi… I cannot run comodo firewall and second life together… second life is impossible to move my avatar… or work… As a content vendor trying to make a living this is extremly difficult to do when my pc constantly locks and freezes with comodo firewall running at the same time as second life. I have told comodo many times to trust the viewer and chat control exe… and still I freeze and hang constantly… folks in game say it’s lag… I say it’s the firewall… because when I run second life without the firewall it’s a dream!!!

Anyone know how to solve please?

Appart from unsinstalling and trying another firewall???.. anyone???

Do Comodo employies actually man this forum?.. or is it the normal thing?.. ‘hope other comodo users will help out others’ type of forum?

OK… right on :)… thanks for the email Malcolm from Technical Support… here is the info you require;

Pentium 4 CPU 1.80GHz
Windows XP Pro, service pack 3. v3264
Comodo Firewall (free personal), version 3.8.65951.447
AVAST Antivirus - free home edition


Bumping this up… as I still have no reply from comodo

Try setting D+ to Clean PC mode and run Second life a couple of times. Then set D+ back to Safe mode or Paranoid. This way it will learn the rules without interfering. Does that work for you?

Thanks for the reply Eric… firewall is already in clean pc mode… when I can find whatever ‘D+’ is in the program I’ll try the settings you say… :-TU

You need to look under Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings → set to Clean PC mode. For the firewall part: Firewall → Advanced → Firewall settings → set to Safe mode.

This way CIS will learn the rules without notification. Let us know if they helps.