COMODO saved my butt

A classmate of mine asked me to edit a word document in his flash drive. While I was opening my classmate’s flash drive, I saw he got some autorun ■■■■ from an internet cafe. The folders where hidden and replaced with executable with an attempt to look like legitimate folders, technically ones with windows folder icon.

Usually, the ones I encounter where the ones that don’t replace the location on of the original folder. For example “Folder1” will be hidden and replaced by “Folder1.exe”. This one is a special case, all the folders where in a “_” folder. I tried to enter the a folder name, but Windows instead tried to open the executable. ■■■■! When all hell seems on the loose, Comodo’s HIPS managed to snag the process, saving me possible headache of removing the malware. I got logs to prove how Comodo saved my ■■■.

CIS= rock solid protection ;D

read this and use CTC.


Avira had failed me and took out the ■■■■ firewall and told me to use windows firewall. I thought it was the end of days. I was a sitting duck in a pond full of hunters. I thought back about a wonderous program I had before all this avira nonesense. And I returned to comodo.

Thank you and I ask for your forgiveness.