Comodo Sandox Container BSOD after clear [BSOD: SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION]

Like in the topic

Sometimes when user want clear Sandbox Container, he got a beautiful BSOD after clear containter with BSOD: “SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION”

I think this bug after decade was fixed, but no one see a problem in the cmdvirth.exe, which after clear container of Sandbox atempt give beautiful BSOD in the face of user

My question is:
Why is this “Service Exception” error still exist in Comodo?
There is a bug in the function Sandbox clearing

This bug is sooo much awful, irritating and frustrating -.-

Hi c0de_breaker,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know your CIS and win version ?
FYI: The issue “BSOD after resetting container” is fixed.


I use this version of Windows 11 and Comodo ISP (in trial mode), but i only need a Firewall and Sandbox module

My version:
Win 11 version: 10.0.22621.1702
Comodo ISP:

Sometimes system crash unexpectedly when i clean Sandbox Container.

Soo to mitigate this problem i clean sometimes manually VTRoot folder when i terminate all process in the Sandbox with services.
I made my own .BAT or .CMD script to do that.

P.S.: Have you also plans in the future to make Comodo Sandbox module as Standalone?

Hi c0de_breaker,

Thank you for providing the requested information.
Are you running CISP with license ?

Let me check with the team and update you.


I uninstalled CISP and installed Comodo Firewall, because i never need Antivirus anyway
Now i am on Comodo Firewall Free version: (probably the latest Firewall Free version?)

I will test Sandbox Container Clear Function and report if i will have some BSOD with System Service Exception on Windows 11