Comodo Sandox Container BSOD after clear [BSOD: SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION]

Like in the topic

Sometimes when user want clear Sandbox Container, he got a beautiful BSOD after clear containter with BSOD: “SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION”

I think this bug after decade was fixed, but no one see a problem in the cmdvirth.exe, which after clear container of Sandbox atempt give beautiful BSOD in the face of user

My question is:
Why is this “Service Exception” error still exist in Comodo?
There is a bug in the function Sandbox clearing

This bug is sooo much awful, irritating and frustrating -.-

Hi c0de_breaker,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know your CIS and win version ?
FYI: The issue “BSOD after resetting container” is fixed.


I use this version of Windows 11 and Comodo ISP (in trial mode), but i only need a Firewall and Sandbox module

My version:
Win 11 version: 10.0.22621.1702
Comodo ISP:

Sometimes system crash unexpectedly when i clean Sandbox Container.

Soo to mitigate this problem i clean sometimes manually VTRoot folder when i terminate all process in the Sandbox with services.
I made my own .BAT or .CMD script to do that.

P.S.: Have you also plans in the future to make Comodo Sandbox module as Standalone?

Hi c0de_breaker,

Thank you for providing the requested information.
Are you running CISP with license ?

Let me check with the team and update you.


I uninstalled CISP and installed Comodo Firewall, because i never need Antivirus anyway
Now i am on Comodo Firewall Free version: (probably the latest Firewall Free version?)

I will test Sandbox Container Clear Function and report if i will have some BSOD with System Service Exception on Windows 11

Ok the problem with BSOD and System Service Exception (3B) still exist when user Clear Sandbox via Button in Comodo

I think the function want clear memory area which doesn’t belong to Comodo software anymore

Because when I checked Memory Dump, i saw Memory Access Violation
Caused process is ntoskrnl.exe

The problem appear from time to time.
Not every Clear Sandbox cause BSOD, but if user doesn’t have luck it will appear.

Need some memory dump?

Hi c0de_breaker,

Thank you for reporting.
FYI: The current CIS versions are released to be compatible with Win 7, 8 & 10 not 11.
However Kindly upload the memory dump on any online storage and share us the download link via personal message.