Comodo Sandbox Stops Working


Thanks for your dev efforts and offering products for free.

I am a very experienced PC/software user. Unfortunately, however, the sandboxing module (Secure Auto Containment) of Comodo products (10 series also) stops working after one or two days of use and I can’t fix this. After a time, it does NOT virtualize any program duely set up for this by the user anymore. And this is case for its 7/8/9 previous versions as well, when run either on Windows 7/8/10. Really strange that, apparently, other users haven’t reported this.


May you please share diagnostic report when you observe this issue?


Also can you be more specific on what is happening and provide steps to replicate. Do you mean the CIS auto-containment or are you referring to CCAV? Or does it apply to both products?

Moving to incomplete reports until more information is provided.

Very strange and I don’t know how this connect together

With ccav installed (not as an addon or rather an extension when I wanted to open dragen in a sandbox I got the message dragon could not be found although dragon was installed and repaired afterwards.
Deinstalled again and no further problem.