Comodo Sandbox how does in work

sorry can someone tell me what dose sandbox do in COMODO? for example if i would run my browser in sandbox will it protect me from infected web sites? i know that just sandbox program can do that but i am not sure if COMODO’s sandbox can do that… if somebody has any link which can explain exactly what is doing sandbox in comodo i will be very happy

Comodo uses two sandbox techniques. The automatic sandbox and the on-demand sandbox. The on-demand sandbox is more like a dedicated sandbox application like Sandboxie.

To sandbox your web browser for example, you would go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy, and click on the Always Sandbox tab. Then add your browser (or whatever application you wish), and choose its isolation level.

Here is a thread introducing the sandbox.

Introduction to the 5.x sandbox

ou thanks i am exactly looking for such future like the sandboxie so if i would manually make program run in sandbox it will be like a sandboxie?

and one more question as i know it is impossible now but maybe not… so if some program is installing on my PC and firewall blocked him and want to know let him install or not can i set password so that only when i would enter password then i could say yes allow this program to be installed?

Yes it will run like sandboxie
To set a app to start always in the sandbox
CIS > Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Always Sandbox

and just to run once in the sandbox you may
CIS > Defense+ > Run a program in the sandbox

:: Regarding the password protection ::
There is no such feature YET!;; but you may see this for a password protection regarding all alerts and settings within the CIS GUI

did this help ?


ok thanks that helped very much :-TU