Comodo Sandbox Disabled ?

If i turn off the sandbox , will everything work ?

Like the online cloud analysis on Comodo’s servers etc ?

And i am just as protected without it right , it just takes more user intervention then right ?

you answered your questions, almost :slight_smile:

If you disable the sandbox is disabled then you will get more pop up from d+ and you’re still protected. Sandbox is there for you to try programs without harming/change your OS. I suggest you have Proactive Security on (right-click on the CIS tray icon → config → Proactive security.)

thanks :wink:

yes i have Comodo in proactive :slight_smile:

and i use Virtualbox for experimentating with new software :wink:

here is a video how to config avast and comodo firewall

thanks , i use Comodo Internet Security now though , im sure i have no problems now :wink:

ty again