Comodo Sandbox and Thunderbird

I have my FF and TB installations sandboxed in CIS v4.1 Complete.

When I start Thunderbird Im faced with the configuration wizard where it asks if I want to use it as the default email client. Ive already set that up outside of the sandbox. It only happens if I sand box the app.

I have it sandboxed under a limited account and I have registry virtualization and file system virtualization both enabled.

How do I prevent TB from trying to reconfigure each time I start it?

I never put Thunderbird inside a sandbox it cause more problems, and its okay to have your Firefox inside a sandbox.

Just take out your Thunderbird from the sandbox, and you might loose your configuration from start just run Thunderbird outside of sandbox.

And come back later another user might answer your question correctly all I’m saying I would never run Thunderbird inside a sandbox.

When you run Firefox or Thunderbird inside of Sandbox, it might not work properly (inside the Sandbox the applications are running with restricted rigths).

You should try to move this two application (Firefox and Thunderbird) from “My pending files” to “My own safe files” and run again. Does it work?

They are both in my own safe files.

Firefox doesnt have the issue only Thunderbird does.

I didnt have this issue running Sandboxie.

I will not remove it either. All internet facing applications get configured and sandboxed.

Alright so if the Sandbox doesnt work like it should why even include it? It makes no sense to have it incorporated if you cant even configure it to work with specific internet facing apps.

Sandbox is an isolated operating environment for unknown and untrusted applications. Running an application in the sandbox means that it cannot make permanent changes to other processes, programs or data on your ‘real’ system.

A sandboxed application cannot:

• Access non-sandboxed applications in memory
• Access protected COM interfaces
• Key log or screen capture
• Set windows hooks
• Modify protected registry keys (if virtualization is disabled)
• Modify EXISTING protected file (if virtualization is disabled).

I don’t think that Sandbox is not working good but as long Thunderbird are running inside of Sandbox, it wil not work good. Thunderbird is a safe application, therefore it must be moved from “My pending files” to “My own safe file”.

You can read more about Sandbox here:;msg377448#msg377448

The reason I sandbox these programs is because of web based infections that are undetected. Its much like Sandboxie.

If you get infected while browsing the net. If its sandboxed it doesnt get carried over to the real time OS.

When you will “catch” a malware that is unknown for Comodo using Thunderbird, this malware or unknwon application wil be sandboxed and the system will not be affected.

Your telling me if I run an unknown web app that it will automatically be sandboxed even if its a drive by web infection like cross site scripting?

First protection against cross site scripting should come from the Internet Bowser, for example Firefox+NoScript.
When a application is drive by a web infection like cross site scripting and this application is not safe (safe = application in Comodo Safe List; application added by user in “My own safe file”; user granted the installer elevated privileges) then this application should be Sandboxed.

But, it must know that when a an executable is first run, it will be checked by:

  • Antivirus scanner
  • Defense+ and Heuristic
  • Buffer Overflow

If the this processes determine that the process is malware then the user will be alerted.