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What is this SafeSurf toolbar actually? I’m reluctant to install it, merely because it has “toolbar” in the name. Does it have anything to do with “Google SafeSurf”, is this a joint venture with Google, Yahoo! or one of the other toolbar developers, what information does it log about the user? I smell the reek of questionable security practices, and hope someone will prove my scepticism wrong.

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You can start from this thread
This Toolbar is different regarding the main idea behind it…Buffer Overflow protection…
but other things/ideas/oppinions you may read in several discussions and make your own conclusion(s)

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Thanks for the reply, SiberLynx, but I can’t seem to find the answers I’m looking for in any of the other threads.

My main concern is the $$ part of MikeH’s statement. From what I can understand from one of Melih’s previous posts, Comodo is generating revenue by cooperating with a search engine on this toolbar, which means they must collect some kind of information on clicks. Call me ignorant, but isn’t this at the very least called adware!?


Unfortunately it is too late here to start new discussion, but here is another thread. There are many thoughts there and my view at that time too. I hope that will be interesting to read.
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Appreciate it, SiberLynx. :slight_smile:

LinkScanner (part of AVG 8.0) does slow your IE experience. But the stand-alone application does not and it is updated almost on a daily basis unlike AVG 8.

What better plug-ins do you find? Trend micro’s, McAfee’s or Haute Secure’s? I would stick with Haute Secure if not using LinkScanner.

Trend Micro and McAfee’s alike tools do not provide real time protection. Why? They are based on a database that can have more than 1 week, 1 month and so on. A web site that today is safe, tomorrow may not be. LinkScanner scans in real time, hence providing a better protection.

I also use Haute Secure now (part of Opera browser).

You ask who needs Yahoo Toolbar. Can’t we all ask then: What is toolbar for? (Not that I mind). Don’t use IE at all.


Pretty much all security software like anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-adware will detect that. Most commonly as MyWebSearch.

It places 4 registry traces. Hijackthis (not sure if you’re familiar with?) detects 4 traces as well and 1 of them as Extremely Nasty, the other 3 as Nasty.

I made a test with a few tools and they all detected it as adware/spyware/PUP (Potencial Unwanted Application).

Of course I am talking about the toolbar. The s1.tmp is also detected as infected, but not by all security products.

You can delete that temp file. No harm done. You can also uninstall the toolbar. Won’t affect SafeSurf. And you can always use Firefox or Opera. You wont ever see that toolbar and will still be protected by SafeSurf.

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I did not get your reply to my post, but it is just because of my English probably :wink:
The main thing in my reply to the poster was:
“New web features provided by AVG v8 do not include Buffer Overflow (BO) protection.”, which I think is correct.
Other notes were just additional (probably offtopic) remarks about AVG.
… and I don’t use IE and I still don’t understand why I would need yahoo toolbar ever ;D.

but I would install Comodo’s Toolbar with pleasure if not the problem Comodo currently has with reinstallation where neither SurfSafe nor Toolbar are not offered anymore

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