COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar

I updated to the latest version of the firewall. No sign of a toolbar. Is my understanding correct that I will now actually have to totally uninstall Comodo firewall and then re-download the latest version again and install for this feature to be installed? Seems like too much trouble.

Only takes 5 minutes to uninstall and reinstall.

SafeSurf Toolbar is ONLY available with a fresh CFP installation. If you are updating from previous version you do NOT get the toolbar

A fresh install is necessary I am afraid.



Hi Guys,

I did successful update and then decided to perform fresh reinstall.
CMF was uninstalled as per panic’s post.
During CFP install I left only first option so I have SafeSurf now but
I unchecked Toolbar and Home page being sure it is possible to add later.
I was wrong wasn’t I?
So I have BO protection but in order to try Toolbar I have to go through reinstall again or I am missing something?

My regards

You confused me?

The Toolbar (COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar) is POWERED by COMODO Memory Firewall Technology, So therefore, You do need the Toolbar for the Buffer Overflow protection to take effect. Remembering it’s protection in your Browser- Where you need it the most.

and yes, a uninstall & reinstall is required.


Hi Josh,
I was looking for my messages and found this one, which I forgot.
Is that really confusion? BO protection IS inbuilt in Toolbar. Am I right ???
Below are some quotes and I can find more …
That is why in another thread I am searching for an answer why Installer does not Offer SafeSurf and Toolbar during consecutive clean reinstallations when Toolbar installation was declined first time.
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1)Coming up with an easier and quicker way to get CMF technology to masses (having the CMF technology built into toolbar was much easier and stable than CMF for the whole PC..)
We have some clever patent pending technology that we have been able to incorporate into this toolbar that puts BO protection right inside the browser - Where you need it most!!! So with this toolbar we have been able to enable BO protection for distribution with CFP
From the main announcement
NEW! COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar built on COMODO Memory Firewall technology
STEP 8: Install Comodo SafeSurf Browser Toolbar. The Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar protects against data theft, computer crashes and system damage by preventing most types of Buffer Overflow attacks.
I've installed the latest version with the toolbar and have uninstalled CMF

How can I reinstall without lossing my logs and settings?

Hi BlueEyedFox,

Miscellanies/Manage My Configurations/Export
Then Import your settings after re-install.
You can have several different settings (configurations)
There is detailed section in Help file.
Then search/read here in the forum about it. Short rule is: don’t forget to press <>
( sometimes people do forget and then… ??? 88) )
My regards

Melih and the Comodo marketing wizards need to come up with another another name and completely dump the “toolbar” part. After the unsolicitied outbound connect mess that the Google’s, Yahoo’s, and others have made with their sneaky add-on toolbars. Whether a toolbar is 100% completely legit or not, everyone gets “get a rope” nasty when they see “toolbar” mentioned as being installed with any legit software. Maybe the Comodo Safe-Surf Console. Probably too late now, though. Cat’s already out of the bag.

Two points;
Firstly it is a pity that the toolbar was not offered as a separate download; to avoid users of Comodo products having to uninstall and reinstall CFP3. It could then be tried and a decision made as to whether to keep it or not without disturbing CFP3.
Secondly, if we already have Comodo Memory Firewall is there any need for it, or are there important differences in the two programs?

As far as I can see if we already have Comodo Memory Firewall, there is not any need for it.

The only difference that I can ascertain is that the toolbar is more limited, i.e. it only works while one is browsing.


Based on other threads, the toolbar is so Comodo can make $$$$ when you use it to search using And was a convenient way for Comodo to start the integration of CMF with CFP. And no one has discussed the relative maturity of the two CMF implementations, other than the restriction of the toolbar to cover browsers only. Maybe next release it will be a little clearer? ???

Good background information!
I limited my reply to technical aspects only.
This helps to put things in context.


Thanks Mike, that’s what I thought; not a great fan of toolbars myself.

Another reason why the Toolbar is there but not the full CMF is because there are bugs in CMF. If we would to put the entire CMF product into CFP, It would transfer bugs over which could cause problems.


I guess I’ll just post here since it;s about the toolbar. I did a fresh install of cfp then clamwin and antivir detected s1.tmp as ADSPY/MySearch.I.2/Adware.Mysearch-1. Is this a false positive or is this really a bad file?

Thinking of upgrading to V3. I have just upgraded my antivirus [ AVG 8 free] which now includes ‘Linkscanner’ which checks sites as I use a search engine and this gives an indication if they are safe or not . I may have misunderstood , but is the ‘Safe surf toolbar’ the same thing ?. if so will it not conflict with the ‘linkscanner’? Seems pointless using both as it will slow down searches , so is the toolbar an “option” to download.?


Hi overfifty,

New web features provided by AVG v8 do not include Buffer Overflow (BO) protection.
That is a major difference.
Secondly, I suggest that you disable all those new web-stuff by AVG. In current implementation it considerably slows down browsing. And sure in addition who needs yahoo search?
Plus - there are much better plug-ins and add-ons for links checking.
But again the main difference is BO protection.

My regards

thanks Siberlynx… you are right it does slow things down a little , but is the ‘safe surf’ a similar programme?
[ to be honest , still plucking up the courage to plunge into V3.]