Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar Beta Available here

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to announce the first beta of Comodo’s new SafeSurf Toolbar Beta. The toolbar is only the first incarnation of what is going to be a very powerful and feature rich security enhancement to anyone’s browser.

The current bar has the following features:

  • Fast and easy searching with the search facility.
  • Constant browser protection powered by Comodo’s Memory Firewall.
  • Quick links to our online AV scanner to check your PC is free from threats.
  • Helpful search highlight system to show quickly and easily where in the page your search term is.
  • Quick and easy access to your favourite Comodo Homepage
  • Quick and easy access to the Comodo Forums for help and advice.
  • Internet Explorer support, FireFox to follow shortly.
  • Windows XP/Vista support.
  • And many more security enhancements and new features to follow in the very near future…

The toolbar setup is attached to this post.



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Is there an opera-version in the pipeline, too? (looks like a nice addition, after all…)

Hi MuziekMeester,

I’m pleased to say that yes we are also planning an Opera version. :SMLR



Nice. :-TU

Do I still need to run CMF if I have safe surf installed? Or…other way round…do I need safe surf, if I have CMF up and running?


Is this different from SafeSurf which came with CFP3? If not, which version should I choose? (as the one I’ve got is already newer).


this beta, when released, will replace the version that comes with CFP.

So, soon CFP will ship with this toolbar (when goes into release of course) we have here as a beta.


So this version (product) will replace both the existing SafeSurf and Memory Firewall?


Edit: Just a quick question… Does Safesurf and Safesurf Toolbar only protect your browsers for BO’s?

This is a great news :slight_smile:

But please don’t make it as a widget :cry:

This is a great news.
But I have a question about the tool bars: SafeSurf passed all the security checks of BO tester, so why do you say that the protection of is not matched to CMF?
I hope the next version will support Firefox.

Thanks, Liron Jan.

Just out of curiosity, what are technical differences between this version and the one that comes with the latest CFP?

Yes, It would be interesting to know the technical differences between this one & the old.


They are both using the Ask engine, but the latest Comodo toolbar has several additional buttons turn on/off etc.

Does Safesurf and Safesurf Toolbar only protect browsers against BO’s?


I am not sure.

But I am going to PM Tyler (CMF developer) to explain differences between the toolbar & CMF.


Any news about this one?

Yeah Josh, I need this info too.


Comodo Safesurf toobar is only an alternate name for Comodo Search toolbar.
Comodo Safesurf is a bundle of Comodo Safesurf tecnology + Comodo search toolbar.

Comodo Search toolbar can be used to access Comodo Safesurf Configuration (hence the name Comodo Safesurf Toolbar)
Comodo Safesurf Configuration can also be accessed from the tray area.

Comodo Safesurf Technology protect all applications by default.

You can download a test to check how BO protection technology works in Buffer Overflow Testing Application topic (the first two tests may be trapped by MS DEP).

Even if there are not many details available I guess that CMF and Safesurf are based on the same BO prevention technology.

Yes, I did this test and it’s said I’m protected, but so many people said that it isn’t an exchange for CMF and if CMF not causing me problems, it’s better to use it. So, that’s way I asked if CSS gives the same protection as CMF.

Thanks gibran for reply.

There may be differences so my reply cannot replace one written by a Comodo Developer.
CMF provide many more options but the BO tests prove that Safesurf protection can be compared to CMF.

In my experience Safesurf posed less issues to me although this may be only a coincidence caused by my setup changes.
Anyway Safesurf was released after CMF so I guess its engine could have been updated.

OK, thank you.