Comodo Safe Surf Disappeared

I have had safe surf on my computer a couple weeks. This morning when I booted up, I received a message on the screen briefly that said ‘You have discovered a bug in Safe Surf’. It went off the screen quickly and now safe surf does not come up when I reboot. I have scanned my system with comodo and with kaspersky and it found no infections on my computer. Can you tell me what is going on? Thanks in advance…and how do I get safe surf back?

I forgot to add, I am also now having difficulty submitting files to comodo. When I try, I receive a message stating that there is a network connection error…check my connection and try again…although I am connected to the internet. I have restarted my computer several times and still the same problem…HELP!

Please run CPF 3’s Diagnostics (Under the Miscellaneous Tab in the CPF window) and report back it’s findings.