Comodo safe DNS

It happens to me by latest Dragon update and latest firewall update that my system DNS was silently changed to Comodo safe DNS (without asking me to).
I do not wish to switch the DNS because I am already satisfied with OpenDNS and Comodo DNS is too strict for my needs (blocks some sites I daily use).
Please desist from obtruding this service as it may udesirably limit some users, thank you.

Hi Bucky Kid,
Both Comodo Firewall and Dragon browser offer DNS during installation only and not during update.


That’s really weird. CPFW asked me today to update. I let it update, it asked to restart, I postponed. I tried a site I daily use and got SSL and Comodo warnings instead. So I went to my network adapter properties and reviewed the DNS server which was set to custom addresses. By changing DNS to auto, I was again able to view the site, so it’s practically impossible it could be changed by anything else.(The site was opened yet shortly before the autoupdater popped up).
I’m pretty sure the autoupdater didn’t ask me anything else than whether to update now or later.

Hi Bucky Kid,

We can’t reproduce it on our side. Can you please try to reproduce and let us know the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

OK I reproduce as soon as I update something from Comodo. Cheers


You can choose, when installing (CIS), if you want DNS installed or not or only for your browser or for your system. Is it that what you mean?