Comodo running multiple times in task manager

While trying to fix performance problems with my Windows 10 laptop I noticed that the Task Manager showed that Comodo is running five times. Sometimes, one or more of these processes is using the hard drive quite a lot. Sometimes this usage is well above 50%-70%. Right now, these five processes are accessing the hard drive 0%. So it doesn’t happen all the time.

For the record, I am using version and database version 24911. I’ll happily post a photo of the task manager the next time I see Comodo using a lot of resources.

Is this normal? If not normal, is there a solution?

Thank you.

Hi lisa2021,
Please see the quote below.

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Hello catainsticks,

Thank you for such a detailed reply. Thanks also to staff that helped. So that answers why I see so many instances of Comodo running in the task manager. Can you say if there is a problem with Comodo’s intensive hard drive usage? In the attached photo, you see that the disk use is at 99% (often times it’s 100%) while one of the Comodo processes is above 50% (it’s often much higher that that but when I took the picture this was how high it was running). This is resulting in a slower running system.

(Sorry, but I am unable to attached the picture so you’ll have to use your imagination :slight_smile:

Hi lisa2021,
What process is using I presume you mean high CPU?
The CIS Task Manager may show what tasks are running at the time.
Manage CIS Tasks-Comodo Help

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Hi, I finally was able to take a picture showing Comodo’s very high disc use. Is this unusual?

I ask this question because I’ve been suffering a traumatic computer slowdown and lag due to high disc use by a variety of different processes. A few days ago, a process called Java Web Site Launcher was literally running dozens of times, and that number was continuously growing. Eventually, it caused a crash in Comodo and the Comodo desktop icon turned red. The lag time was so great that I ended up turning off the computer via the power switch. A reboot didn’t help. I eventually restarted the computer in safe mode, started msconfig, and turned off some process running under the services tab. I’ve also uninstalled Java, did a virus scan with Comodo and Malwarebytes. MB did find a few things, but nothing that I would expect to cause this kind of problem.

In any event, the actions that I’ve taken seem to have helped as the computer is running normal except for the occasional high disc usage by Comodo. But this problem has happened three times before, so I’m hoping that this time it’s really fixed.

However, observations from the experts are always welcome.

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May be it is cavwp.exe running the cache cleaner or cache builder task? Can you next time it happens check with CIS Task Manager if there is a task running? Or check the CIS logs after you saw the high disk usage.

Hello Eric, It is indeed cavwp.exe running. I guess this is then normal behaviour from Comodo?

Thanks for your reply.

If it only runs for several minutes then it’s normal.