Comodo Rollback?

I have been a huge advocate of preventing malware as the best strategy. But I am beginning to think that prevention is a losing battle. If you surf the net regularly, nasties are gonna get on your machine.

So my thoughts lately have been to:

  1. Enjoy the internet and accept that you will get infected.
  2. Have a good plan in place for when you do get infected.

I have been really intrigued by a product called Rollback RX. It allows you to create restore points as frequently as you like (say every hour). Then within seconds restore back to one of those known good points when you need to (say after an infection). This is a really interesting strategy. Who cares if you get the my doom virus or a trojan downloader if you can be rid of it in just a couple of mouse clicks?

Something like to FD-ISR would be nice also, I believe it is similar to Rollback Rx. With FD-ISR you just restart your system back to the way it was or a different image. Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit’s disk protection is about the same. Combine their best qualities and you have a winner!

Cheers, innerpeace