Comodo rescue disk won't boot

Couldn’t find a specific forum for Comodo Rescue Disk, so please move if I just didnt see it.

I am a long-time user of Comodo Rescue Disk. As I haven’t used it for some time, I downloaded and burned a new copy. I just can’t get it to boot.

I first burned it to a DVD. I tried it in a couple of machines and it wouldn’t boot. I downloaded again and burned again. Still didn’t work.

I thought that maybe it needed to be burned to a CD so I tried that. No, it still didn’t work.

I really don’t want to put it on a USB stick. I had some sort of absolutely brutal malware a few years back and it made itself a tiny partition on any storage that it came into contact with. I never did figure out what it was, but Comodo Rescue Disk was the only thing that got rid of it. I need some files off of some old USB sticks that were around back when I had this nightmare malware. I want to check them before I use them.

And, yes, I changed the boot order. It isn’t something simple like that. I’m a fairly advanced user.

Does this not work with a CD/DVD anymore?

I’ve never tried it myself, but the info on Rescue Disk specifies up to Windows 8 and it is also shown under Discontinued Products in the forum subjects . . . what OS version are you using?

I’m using Windows 10, but that’s really nothing to do with it. The disc itself is Linux-based. I had something really nasty a few years ago and I actually disconnected the HD cable in the computer and just boot off the CD. Whatever it was that I had spread to any type of storage it came into contact with, so I had to do that to clean my USB sticks and portable HDs. The new disc won’t boot in that same computer with the cable connected or not.

I didn’t realize that it was discontinued. I have some old USB sticks that were around when I had that malware so I just thought that I would use it since it worked before.

Thanks anyhow. I’ll just look for something else. But it is broken and if discontinued, they might as well remove it from the site.