Comodo Rescue Disk Won't Boot

I’ve downloaded the free Comodo Rescue Disk on a memory stick, and followed the booting instructions to a “t”. However, it will NOT boot even after changing the boot order. The screen just freezes up. HELP…I don’t know what to do next! >:(

Same here…

specially if the source is usb that has files. comodo rescue disk needs a blank formatted usb in order to pursue the installation.

I’m trying to use Comodo Rescue Disk on a friend’s computer, but it won’t fully boot It gets as far as displaying the Linux penguin at the top, and displaying as many lines as will fit on the screen without scrolling anything off the screen, then it seems to hang with no message about why. The last line is something about a USB device. Is there some reason why it stops doing anything noticeable?

If it’s on a DVD, can the DVD be a read-only type, or does it need to be a read/write type? I’m currently using a read-only type.

There are NO spare USB ports for connecting any additional USB devices, and no second DVD drive.