COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) v2.0.261647.1 and restart of windows

Yesterday I tried COMODO Rescue Disk (CRD) v2.0.261647.1 in my windows XP SP3 machine having CIS 5.10 & MSE.

I did a complete scan using CCE with latest updates and it did not find any virus. The CCE so did not do any modifications, but probably CRD has done some modifications into the booting section. I shut down the computer using the comod interface itself. Now, a problem has appeared. When I shut down the computer, switch off the electric supply and then start the computer, windows XP starts fine. However, if I install a program in my computer or if I use restart button of windows, the computer will not boot into XP. It will just go to my CD drive and would show a blank screen and the monitor will also auto off (though the fans will be running - showing that the power is being used by the CPU). The only way out is switch off the electric supply, wait for 1-2 minutes and then restart the computer using the power on button. This could damage my computer for obvious reasons. Is there a way out.

As there are many instances when we will have to restart the computer, including the restart when programs are installed, I shall be obliged if you could give me a fix to this. I have even tried to use the HDD (which is my current setting) as the intial boot, but it did not give any result.

Is there a disk still in your CD drive?

Please change the boot order in your motherboard’s BIOS and make sure the HD is booted before the CD drive.

No, disk is not there. As already indicated in the earlier post, HDD is first in order for booting now. Precisely the problem is ;

I can shut down the computer and restart it by using power button. But, I cannot restart the computer using Start>Turn Off Computer>Restart or any restart initiated by the new programs installed.