Comodo registry entries safe to delete?

I normally use jv16 registry cleaner and it shows a number of Comodo CIS entries for applications that I know are long gone. However I did not want to delete them for fear it might mess up CIS. I thought I would try the CSC assuming it would know which ones are safe, but in the ignore list it excludes Comodo entries, which cannot be changed. Does anyone know if those long gone application entries are safe to delete?

Why not just use the purge function in CIS? That should remove policies for any applications no longer on your system.

Thanks for the reply.

As it turns out those entries were from a previous install of Comodo Firewall, the Pro version.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking.

Not sure why CSC wouldn’t show those entries unless they are in fact still in use.

No, I don’t think that you did. I am comparatively new to Comodo (and software firewalls in general) and hadn’t worked my way thru all the options screens and choices. Thanks for pointing me toward the Purge function!

There are several possibilities here. My best guess comes from the following. After I used the Purge button I re-ran the registry cleaner and many of the entries still appeared. I thought a reboot might help, but it didn’t. It wasn’t until then that I looked closer and saw the Pro tag on the keys. Purge did remove the erroneous entries from the Comodo screen. It may be that the new version used the information from the Pro version but did not (understandably to some extent) remove the Pro keys. I cleaned out those keys and no problems have occurred.