Comodo Registry Cleaner

Saw an inactive link at the bottom of my EasyVPN chat window. Did a search in the Comodo Forums and only one link came up from June of 2006.

“Comodo Introduces Trustworthy No-Cost Registry Cleaner for Windows Systems”

As I said the only link I found for Trustworthy in searching the Forums was back in June 2006 for the Toolbar.

My question was there a difference planned between the Registry Cleaner found in the
Comodo System Cleaner and TrustWorthy except TrustWorthy is Only for Windows Systems ?

Oh on a side-bar Did see UNITE highlighted (but could not read) when I installed and registered Comodo EasyVPN.


Here is the link in the chat window:

And here is the announcement of the first stable release of Comodo Registry Cleaner:

The first link from the Press Room does take you to a News release from last year about a registry cleaner.
When i click on the link after 2-3 seconds I am redirected to the Comodo System Cleaner site for download.

The 2nd link again from last year takes me discussions about Comodo System Cleaner.

Not sure why the term / name “TrustWorthy” is showing up in the latest release of EasyVPN ?
A mispicked Link ?


They mean that the registry cleaner (which is now part of System Cleaner) is trustworthy. :wink:

Just wanted to double check!

Noticed there are several random links at the bottom of the chat window, many older ones, and as of today all (I have seen) are broken, cannot connect or even attempt to, or copy the link.


I see these links from 2008, and they work for me:

From the Newsroom they work for me also, but the links at the bottom of the EasyVPN “Chat Window” (as I said the ones I have seen) do not.

Edit: Just found out the Link to at the bottom of the main GUI with contacts listed also does not work.

We can end this topic as the Answer was that Older links currently are being used at the bottom of the EasyVPN Chat Window; and TrustWorthy has been incorporated into Comodo System Cleaner.


I’m quite new to Comodo, so ignorant. ;D

Is Comodo System Cleaner the same as Comodo Registry cleaner? :-[

Hi Gadie, and welcome to the forum.

Comodo System Cleaner (CSC) includes registry cleaner, disk cleaner and privacy cleaner.

Read more about CSC here.

Comodo Registry Cleaner as a stand alone application has been discontinued.