Comodo Registry Cleaner vs Argente Registry Cleaner

Hi, i’m a new user that discovered Comodo products 1 month ago. I first installed Comodo Internet Security (without Firewall) and is awesome. After that, i installed Comodo Registry Cleaner and use it daily, but after I discovered Argente Registry Cleaner and this software detect more “leftover” entries in my registry that CRC (I installed a portable version of ACDSee Pro 2.5 that “destroy” my registry with thousand of entries that CRC don’t detect). I tested many times both programs and compare results, ARC wins 100% over CRC.
The question is: Is CRC more “conservative” detecting invalid registry entries, or is this a bug with CRC ?

NOTE: I think that CRC is a good program, I only want to give you my feedback from my use of CRC.

Hey UnderXP.

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