COMODO Registry Cleaner Released!


We just updated COMODO Registry Cleaner to version. Make sure you install this new version.

Whats new?

  • Compact feature was dropped due to multiple compatibility problems;
  • Added Create Restore point feature;
  • Several bugs(thank you for reporting them!!! you’re the best!!!) were fixed including "not installing on Win XP x64 and Windows Server).

For more info and download please visit COMODO Registry Cleaner website at

Please report any issue on this forum.

noticed that under operating systems XP SP3 isn’t listed - does this mean it isn’t compatible?

[b]Works on all 2K, XP, 2003 and Vista versions. No SP required anymore.

The content on the website will be updated on Thursday.[/b]

Hi I just followed the link for the new d/l but the file name is still showing
Any suggestions?
Maybe available on Thursday?

I think you can download that file… it’s actually the updated version. As the changes on website come on Thursday we just brutally replaced that old file. (:WIN)

Ok thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update (CRC told me ;D). Updated and running nicely.

Any ideas why the “Help” file doesn’t load for me? (within CRC). The help file can be loaded manually (click on the file) and help files load for other Comodo products.


Edit: Sorry, should have mentioned that I’m running XP Pro SP3.

this is new… we’ll check this out.

New version working well.

Updated from within CRC as well. My help files are loading OK.

I noticed the update deleted my ignored file list and I had to rebuild it again.


Hmmmm… We changed the format of the config file and the file is replaced (the nw version won’t work with old config file).

Sorry for the incovenience… I hope there weren’t too many entries.

No problem… Only four files.


I just updated CRC to version 1.0.17 on 3 computers, 2 running Vista Ultimate and 1 running XP SP3. I also found that the Help file did not load on the 2 Vista Ultimate machines after clicking on Help under Miscellaneous. But the Help file did load on the XP SP3 machine after clicking on Help under Miscellaneous.

On Vista Business the “create recovery point” does not work after updating to the new version.

Although it asked if I wanted to create, clicking “yes” gave an error message that this option is not available. ???


Off the top of my head - is System Restore disabled on your test system?

Ewen :slight_smile:

just updated. running good.

all the .bkp files from the last version are still in the backup folder in program files. these can be deleted b/c CRC uses .reg now?


 Well, at least this was happening to me in version  I could get help to launch from the start menu link but not inside CRC.  Will check if this still happens in the new version.


Thank you guys, the internal update worked well :slight_smile:

Although I don’t recommand registry cleaners, I have to admit I am testing this one :-[

Greetz, Red.

hmmm indeed… for some strange reason it got disabled… ??? ???

Harry (confused…)

That sounds like a good grade for CRC. ;D