Comodo: Realtime Protection Hero thanks to Unique Default Deny Platform!

Hi All,

Realtime protection ! 8)

As the cyber threats and zero day attacks increasing day by day in today’s new cyber world, all you need is a software that has an effective Realtime Protection ! A software that will protect you not only against today’s but also against tomorrow’s threats from today!

Comodo is here for you, providing you Realtime Protection for Free with its unique Default Deny Platform.

According to our latest stats comparison chart based on Realtime Protection Test reports ; we see that Comodo is your Realtime Protection Hero thanks to Unique Default Deny Platform !

Thanks to our Unique Default Deny Platform ; we provide you Protection before everything else, and this is what you would call to be Secure. Please check below chart and see our difference among other “Free” products . Comodo is the best !

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Sorry, but why Comodo has started this way to advertise? The best in the world… but it is not, it’s just one of the best in the world…
Would you like to focus on Protection? OK, then, look at Qihoo 360 results:
Apr 2016: 100% protection
Mar 2016: 100% protection
Feb 2016: 100% protection
Jan 2016: 100% protection
Aug 2015: 98,7% protection
Jul 2015: 100% protection

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

Comodo’s protection never went below 99% wherease qihoo 360 did…:slight_smile:

maybe we should run real live tests to see…

Is Qihoo a “Default allow” product or “Default Deny” product?

Yeah, lately I see a lot of advertisement from Comodo.

And you can see that in CCAV thread. For every CCAV release, more than half of the post is on best protection, default deny protection, innovative protection, you only need this, best zero day protection, etc… And all this is repeated in every CCAV release announcement & mentioned in normal posts by Devs/Melih in the thread.

the question is: Is Qihoo a “default allow” or “default deny” based product?

I dont use, neither recommend Qihoo as I find it not a quality product…just my opinion.

I like AppGuard, NoVirusThanks & VoodooShield (use VoodooShield myself)

Run real live tests with the mentioned software & see…

I never seen ‘Qihoo’ mentioned in the OP, but almost every post thereafter does.
Seems to have ran off topic real quick IMHO.

Guess user find the table selective with the mentioned AVs And he mentioned an AV’s results from the mentioned tests.

I think its fine, not off topic.

No Melih, the question is: “based on AV Test Protection tests, is Comodo the best or there are other products with the same protection level?”
Here it’s not a matter of default deny or default allow, it’s a metter of results from the same test.

In the past you yourself said that this kind of tests are meaningless because they are based on a limited number of malware. If so, why Comodo makes advertisement based on it?

Yes, right.
The OP compared Avast, AVG and Comodo, but AV Test tested several other products.
Maybe I misunderstood the OP, the statement was “Comodo is better than Avast and AVG”. If this was the meaning, my apologies, that statement is correct.
But beside Avast and AVG, there are other free products that score as good as Comodo in AV Test Protection test

Hi Jon79,
I still personally say these types of tests are meaningless, but so many users still rely on them and insist their choices are based on them.

Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks,
I agree with you, but at least this kind of tests can offer a comparison based on the same input.
Anyway, I can just see two options:

  1. The test is meaningless, then there’s no need for Comodo to advertise the result of a meaningless test
  2. The test can be a good way to compare results, then we need to see the comparison of all the products (or at least all the free products), not only of products that score worse than Comodo

Hi All,
Comodo surpasses critical
Protect the zero time is not invented
Comodo CIS anticipates tomorrow :-TU

I think anyone using Comodo product agrees with this. But this is not the point here.

It’s like I say “Italy is the best Country in the World”, then I show a comparison between Italy, Zimbawe and Uganda (with my greatest respect for Zimbawe and Uganda).
Maybe someone living in the USA, New Zealand, Norway or such can argue about my statement…

I agree…these test are meaningless and whats important is the Product architecture “Default Deny” vs “Default Allow”.

As to why advertisement…you can ask Buket :slight_smile:

Is it really advertisement or just informative for those that rely on test results?

btw…I don’t think Comodo can win…
If we say Architecture matter etc…then people say yeah but how about av test scores etc…:slight_smile:
You can’t please everyone!

Sorry Buket, I don’t wanna make troubles to you :slight_smile:

We all know that Comodo has the best protection approach, what I think it’s that we (also myself) should avoid misleading statements that someone can rebut :slight_smile: