Comodo really should let Av-Comparatives test their av.

It’s been years now why, don’t comodo let Av-Comparatives test their av? I am just wondering Av-Comparatives are more than willing to test it and (never) decline the offerings. Even norman av is tested why all these years comodo has not been tested by Av-Comparatives? I think comodo really should step up to the plate and get tested it’s the only av i’v seen that’s been around for years and has not been tested.

CIS AV is scheduled to be in AV-C’s next round of testing. Comodo just missed the last intake.

I’d really hope so comodo you have done good don’t let me down… 88) :a0

Happy to hear that.

Waiting for CIS5 maybe?

I doubt it, usually AV comparatives comes out with a test every 3 months so I suspect that they will come out with one sometime this august and I suspect that comodo will be part of this test.

comodo should take part coz most people go by that and without there review how will you know how good comodo is except for languy99 videos

Not only languy99 makes videos look at this from “Mrizos” mrizos - YouTube

Videos such as those are anecdotal, that’s why a result from av comparatives is important.

You are right about that, but i still enjoy seeing the Comodo AV detect pieces of Malware from their collections that these guys throw at it on their VM Ware.


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I think CAV will do very good in next av-comparatives.
But, if for any reason, it does not get good in the picture, well, I hope people accept the results and don’t start bashing the tests or av-comparatives.
Usually, when the program does good, everything is correct in the test and in the program.
When the program does bad, the community could start blaming against the test. Please, let’s not do it. It’s lack of maturity.

That is exactly what im saying, +1 on that Tech

Yea I definitely agree. It just seems as if there are so many users of CIS that are “passionate” that they forget that the test is useful for them and for the developers as well to see what they can improve.It all needs to be handled with a cool head.


We have asked AV-C to include Comodo in their next round.

But as you guys know, what is more important to end users is NOT the %ages but stopping malware from coming into your computer in the first place.



What IS important to users is that there exists a maximally independent, competent and impartial body (or even better bodies) that can test products so that the users can make an informed choice, rather than relying on companies marketing statements.

Obviously Comodo’s security is not primarily its antivirus. Testing an entire product against others is methodologically difficult, and is the main challenge in the area of security testing. Av-comparatives readily agrees.

Thanks for coming Melih.
av-comparatives won’t be able to compare apples and oranges, the full suite of CIS with the other legacy antivirus. It would be antivirus with antivirus. Of course, the main goal is to stay clean, and CIS is full and freeware. The users must take it into account when read the av-comparatives results.

200% agree on this idea.

It is hard for me to promote CIS to my friends in my country. Whenever antivirus subject come arise, we here will refer AV-Comparative test result. Since CIS not there, they assume it is worse than antivirus that got last place in AV-C.

Maybe CIS cannot climb to 1st spot in AV-C, but at least when participate, it will tell the world that this free suite exist and it actually not that bad.

I think what Melih said must be took into account. Comodo is a program that relies on the whole suite as defense not just the anti-virus. I believe Comodo will do awesome but the haters will come out of the woodwork if it gets below 95%.

100% spot on!