Comodo Reaction to Viruses on DVDs Illogical


Basically, what Comodo does when it finds a virus on a DVD or CD is that it tries to remove the virus and, after the attempt, tries to reboot the computer so that the removal can be completed.

Since no antivirus can remove viruses on DVDs, the only logical step is to block access to infected files on such disks.

Huh, I never really thought about that, good idea.

After thinking about this, I think that this is more of a wish than a bug. Thus, I will move this report to Resolved.

However, this is certainly a good idea, and one I would like to see included in future versions of CIS. Thus, Sanya, if possible could you create a formatted wish report for this in the Beta section of the forum. Yes, there is a reason I’m asking for it to be in the Beta section. Changes are soon coming to the normal bug reporting section, but for now the best place to put this is in the Beta forum.

Thank you.