COMODO Protection Wizard

Hi just updated Web Application Firewall | Free ModSecurity Rules from Comodo and now see i have an extra option COMODO Protection Wizard and just wanted some info on how to set this up it asks me this below and not sure what to do.

Add rules you excluded before to current choice?

Please check categories you like to protect. do i click them all ?


Protection Wizard is used to turn on/off necessary ModSecurity rules. If you have some excluded (turned off) rules, Wizard offers to save them as current choice.
You can choose all rules to work, but it may lead to CPU highload.

Thanks which ones would be best to enable

It depends on web-applications used on your server(s). For example, if you don’t use Drupal or WordPress there is no need to use corresponding rules.

Yes we have customers that use Wordpress Joomla and all others.