Comodo protected my computer

Comodo stopped Secure Shopping and protected my computer from access by another computer. Comodo reported:

A remote computer is trying to access your computer and other person could spy out it. Click on continue or close. We advice close.

Previously I installed a software of a trusted company, nevertheless it could be that I installed something there so that this company could monitor the use of their software. It was a trial version of the company Cyberlink, but whether it was related to that, I don’t know.

:-TU Are you using CIS or just the firewall? What configuration?

Sorry, but I think you can’t take my configuration for your PC. With COMODO - pro active you have gotten good protection. You can adjust it with cruel sister’s proposels.
My configuration includes all of comodo’s adjustable settings: from “Configuration” down to “Advanced protection”. Sometimes I am really paranoid about protecting my PC. 88)

Good to see Comodo warn you. :-TU I’m using proactive with cruelsister tweaks and a few extras. But I don’t have anything as dramatic as you did to report.