Comodo prohibits WLM from minimizing to the taskbar in W7 x64 (CIS v4.0.1**.742)

Windows 7 x64
Comodo v4.0.135239.742 x64

I just upgraded to the newest released version of Comodo v4.0.135239.742 from the 3 series. Before doing this upgrade, WLM (Windows Live Messenger 2009) was able to minimize with no problems to my taskbar. I had been running it in the “Windows Vista compatibility mode” to allow it to do this (since it doesn’t want to in W7 mode). Once I installed this new version of Comodo, I can’t get it to minimize to my taskbar anymore and it’s stuck in the “normal” area that Windows 7 puts it (which I don’t like, hence running it in Vista mode to get the old function back).

Can this please get fixed? Because Comodo is the ONLY program that has changed, hence why I’m 99.99% sure it’s the cause for this problem. And because it’s annoying having it in the “other” place where I don’t want WLM to be in.

I did a system reboot and problem fixed :wink:

Hmm, I did it twice and it didn’t work. :-\ So, I downgraded back to the 3.13 branch and the problem was fixed.

I installed CIS 4 . Like in the beta WLM isn’t working as it should.

First I had to remove it from the sandbox cause it wouldn’t run otherwise.

Not a big problem.

In Windows 7 . WLM doesn’t show in the tray anymore. So I fixed that by doing the little trick running it in compatibility mode. So it would run next to the clock. But with CIS installed that is gone again.

When deinstalling CIS it works. When reinstalling problem occurs. Really nothing like a big problem but honestly it should just work.

I have the same problem too and a reboot isn’t the solution Windows Live Messenger won’t be running the compatibility mode as it should be.

The cause is Comodo 4.0.135239.742, I tested it with a clean install

On the other side, Opera 10.50 accepts the compatibility mode (so that it doesn’t act like IE on the taskbar with tabs )

windows 7 x64

I’m having this issue on two different workstations, disabling defense+ and sandbox does not do anything.

I have the same problem. Tried both disabling defense+ and restart but didn’t work

I have this problem too and it is very annoying please fix it. I would also like to know what exactly is causing it. How is comodo involved in the compatibility mode? what does it have to do with security?

I have the same problem with W7 x64. Tried it on 2 PC’s and VMWare.

Can we get an estimate on when this will be fixed? It’s been many days now and it’s getting really annoying. I m going to have to uninstall comodo soon. I havent had any problems before but this really is annoying.

Guys, i recently migrated to W7 x64 Pro, and had this issue, found out that by turning definitively OFF Defense+ solved the problem. Under the Defense + tab go to Advanced and click Defense + Settings, then look for the option “Deactivate permanently” that requires a reboot, and voila. PlusLive worked again and Messenger goes to tray. Anyway SHAME on Microsoft, that chose not to minimize it to tray by default.
Hope it works for you all.

An old fix for this was to disable UPNP service and SSDP discovery service and reboot. Another was to log on and log off instead of rebooting. Left field but possibly worth trying.


DUDE, YOU ARE THE F*&/%*&/% MAN!!!

I’ve been looking for this for soooo long… I was getting ■■■■■■ at seeing comments from everyone on internet like “THANK YOU, I LIKE MSN NOW” and stuff…

I disabled it and it’s now fine… and some other weird stuff is now fine too, like this warez install for a game that wasnt working and never knew why is not iinstalling flawlessly.

That means that security+ DOES REALLY affect windows 7 compatiblity mode.

i’m running comodo x64 on windows 7 x64 ultimate.

many thanks again!

I have the same issue!

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of using Comodo?

I would think so too. :-\

You are totally right here.

This solution will throw you back into making CIS turn to turning Zone Alarm Free Firewall. Which I used to respect for what it does when I used in a quite not so recent past.

To all the frustrated people, I would like to stipulate that is the bug board which is not meant to express frustrations or figure how to use the suite to certain goals.

Reporting bugs is a sublimation of disappointment, frustration, wondering whether something is a feature or a bug and turning it into producing well defined concepts that prove failure in tightly defined situations.

For lesser experienced user when you are not sure to whether something is a bug please start in one of the help sub boards with a help request like “[certain behaviour] bug or feature?”.

When judged a bug no moderator will object to moving it to the bug board.

I too am having this issue.

It is so annoying I am trying to find another firewall.
This is a bug that from other posts has been going on for a long time with no solution.

If the developers stated the issue was a known issue and are working on it, that would be fine, but to ignore it and make no replies makes me think there is no hope to fix this.

BTW other posts have been made on this issue.

It would not be so bad if I only had one tray window, I have 2, one called Windows Live Messenger and one with my Windows Live Messenger Login name.

I have even tried trayit, etc and the window isnt even in the list to minimize. It is like invisible even though it shows up.

Ok, I hope you guys are looking for a fix though?

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Next time start with a forum search. We have two topics in the bug board alone and at least one in the help boards.