Comodo Programs Manager "second edition"

i would like Comodo to develop the “second edition” of Comodo Programs Manager, but with more detailed options.

-when a installer is started to install a new software, comodo programs manager to run up and just like comodo sandbox how is working to detect all processes of installer, comodo to analyze every file which is modified, every registry code, every piece of things, then comodo programs manager to copy all neccesary files on an isolated folder, all registry there, to make a list with commands which installer file is doing during installing the new program, then to make a list with modified registry, modified files, new files, replaced files, removed files, and everything other, to make backup for installer files, new files, modified, files, removed files… By the way, all files and registry to be checked on comodo servers do any file is suspicious, if not - then files and registry codes to be copied and added on real system, just like installer is installing that software. On extracted folder / virtually installed software to be there for backup purpose. This folder which contain all necessary files, codes, keys and everything else - to be used by comodo programs manager to make self extracting file if we want that, including files there, folders, codes, registry which during installation are added or changed, or removed. This self extracting file to be used for fast installing same application with same settings just like is installed before.

Comodo applications manager to be used to uninstall same applications. During processes - to be scanned all files modified by same application, all codes, all registry’s. Same applications files which are in virtual folder, to stay there for unlimited time, when we like to install that aplication again, we can use same installer from comodo programs manager history option which must be part of “second edition” of CPM.

Comodo programs manager (CPM) to be compatible with windows 7 and all modern operating systems, also with server os.

i have noticed that CPM does not register modified files, does not register changed files during installation or when we make any changes like modifying settings on application which we installed…

I like this idea!

:-TU I’m for it also