Comodo Programs Manager is Awsome!!!

I am so Happy I chose to use Comodo Programs Manager, at first site I did not think it would be useful, because I have been using others like Revo and Smarty Uninstaller, but after having it installed for a month I have used it 3 times already to remove unwanted Software I Installed that it automatically monitored, and it is Fast at removing the clutter installers leave behind, and does an excellent job at monitoring new installations without the need to to manually do a snapshot install every time I want to Install something like the others require.

I definitely recommend this software to Everyone, especially the ones who have a new machine or a have reinstalled windows. This would be the First Software I Installed before all others.

The only thing it lacks for people who have been using their machine for awhile is the ability to remove trash from software Installed before they Installed CPM.

Thanks Comodo Developers for all of your hard work, I greatly Appreciate it!

Wait until you discover how to create installation packages with it!!

Bye bye time consuming reinstallations!

Bye bye time limited trial software!! >:-D

Ewen :slight_smile:

I want to share your enthusiasm but CPM is a little too “quiet” for me so far, i.e. I can’t exactly tell how good it is or isn’t at monitoring & removing. It will be nice when they add the ability to see what exactly CPM has monitoring wrt an installed program.

Whaddya mean, panic, re: creating install packages?

When an application is installed using CPM and CPM monitors the install, it records what files are created and what modifications are made to the OS. After the installation is complete, when you click on the monitored app in the CPM Programs listing, you’ll see a “Make Installer” button in the bottom of the info panel on the right hand side of CPM.

Clicking this button will create a self extracting executable that contains all the files, folders and OS modifications that were done during the installation. This EXE can then be run to quickly do what the original install did.

Ideal for archiving your installed apps.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ewen. I’m probably being dense today, but what is the advantage of a CPM-created install package over the original installer you use in the first place?

You don’t have to make all the configuration choices - they are all saved in the EXE.
You COULD use them to install on another system.
If installing on other systems, you don’t have to make the same config changes on all of them as it will use the same setrtings as the original install - ideal for LAN installs.
If you use CPM to uninstall a monitored app that was a time limited trial, it removes the normally hidden registry key that prevents a reinstallation, then you use the package to do a quick reinstallation.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You don’t have to make the same config changes as they are stored in the EXE.
It’s quicker.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Wouldnt be that against the copyright or against the licensing of the author?
Can this be used so instead of having 30 day trial for CIS PRO, we can have it free for a life time doing the procedure you mention? ;D

I wasn’t in any way suggesting that CPM should or could be used as a means of breaching copyright or licensing.

Consider these two examples;

  1. My company uses an application and we have a volume license key (same license key used for all installations) for that app
  2. My company uses an app that uses concurrent licensing (where the app itself can be installed on 500 systems but only X number of users can run it at a time)

The advantage in both cases is that a standardized configuration can be done before packaging, and the same configuration is then automatically applied to each system the package is installed on.

Re. the time limited thingy, I use this feature IF the duration of a trailware is not sufficiently long for me to evaluate it fully.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Good to know. :slight_smile:

Really, the feature its really cool! It can even be used in conjunction with Comodo ESM!

Ah, I get it now, thanks!

:-La and the lightbulb goes on!! :wink:

Perfect match, eh?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I like comodo Programs manager for the most part. But I would stick with the regular windows updates–windows updates seem to have 3 times more updates ready than CPM

I don’t understand why CPM includes Windows Updates, and Features–at all. What is the benefit to having these in CPM? Why should we trust CPM over built-in WU?

Cause there are alot of people that dont go to WU or have it autoinstall…so this at least informs them of missing security patches and stuff

Thanks for replying, but I don’t have auto-updates in use either. Seems to me you can turn Windows Updates off or on as one sees fit. So I still don’t quite get why one would rely on CPM when WU seems the most accurate arbiter of your system/update status?


I love this program. It feels really quick and light, easy to use, and works unobtrusively.

Can’t use it just now, it crashes on my Win7 X64 machine. :frowning: