COMODO Programs Manager Public Release


We are happy to announce that Comodo Programs Manager 1.3.2 build 21 has been released to the public.

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What’s new:

  • quick uninstall - shell extension integration;
  • applications usage frequency;
  • notifications for monitored applications;
  • automatic cleanup for the storage file;
  • improved loading time for the programs list;
  • possibility of ignoring unwanted partially uninstalled applications;
  • possibility of ignoring not monitored applications with broken uninstaller;
  • added context menu in the programs list;
  • added Ukrainian language pack;

What’s fixed:

  • issue regarding the force delete message during every windows startup;
  • issue when installed on a compressed partition;
  • crash when detecting certain malware infected setups;
  • UAC pop-up is not triggered at windows start-up anymore;
  • issue when uninstalling windows theme modifier applications;
  • random crash when restoring SFX;
  • issue regarding open handles when checking windows updates;
  • some gui issues;


  • Changing the install destination may cause the setup to crash.
  • “Restore Backup” and “Restore from SFX” may not restore full functionality for some applications.
  • Some issue regarding Available Windows Updates detection.
  • Applications installed in succession, without system restarts between installs, may be monitored as dependent in some cases.
  • Database uninstall may take a long time to perform, dependeing on the database structure of the uninstalled application.
  • Some GUI issues are still present.


Please use��-cpm/comodo-programs-manager-13221-public-release-bug-reports-t75780.0.html to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 10.7 MB (11,276,288 bytes)
MD5: 195c29018b55e26a23e5757044b65111
SHA1: 03333f1497a3fca62c36a7b9d53cdd12143542b3

Great! I love this program.

- Some issue regarding Available Windows Updates detection. - Applications installed in succession, without system restarts between installs, may be monitored as dependent in some cases.

These 2 bugs are really nasty. Hope that they will get fixed ASAP :slight_smile:

And update looks like this here:

[attachment deleted by admin]

I had the Beta installed.
It notified of the Update available.

Chose to Update, asked to Reboot.
All that happened was the Beta was uninstalled. 88)

Downloaded installer for new version, installed and all seems well. :slight_smile:


good work guys!

Yeeepeee!!! Congratulations team!!!

And I am excited to try it! Thank you!


Great release!
congrats but what happened to adding this?


Should the main GUI window still say Beta?

Or do I have some mess up?


mine says beta aswell

The other thread says the “beta” indicator has been fixed already and to re-download and re-run setup.

Mine too says “beta” but I intend to leave it alone unless Comodo says there’s a better reason to re-install it!

It seems that online database is not working?

edit: It is working now :-TU

Yes, fixed it.


How to update CPM 1.2 through a proxy?

Manually installing the new CPM version on top of the old one, doesn’t work?

We could not add this in this release because we are working on a better way of adding files (one at a time as we scan) on load that would eliminate the need for that.
Please wait for the next version.

Thank you.

Didn’t know that so it is possible.

I found today that when i want to unistall application I got

and few other people. CPM run uninstaller but didn’t delete monitored entries.

This is the message shown when you uninstall a ‘not monitored’ application and you cancel the standard uninstall or it fails to complete. CPM detects the abnormal behavior, informs the user about this and asks if you simply want to remove the application from the ADD/Remove Programs’ registry so it won’t be shown in the list anymore.
Thank you.

I’m just here to say that as a new user of CPM, I’d wondered about the utility of the thing, seeing how it sits quietly and afaict wasn’t doing much of anything. Then I had to uninstall a program, and responding too quickly to the “restart your computer NOW?” dialog I noticed there was still a directory left-over, and files, and I wondered what else. Well, looking at the Programs list I found Comodo still showed that the uninstall hadn’t completed yet, and I ran the Uninstall in CPM and it got rid of those dirs plus a bunch of leftover registry keys. All of which I’m sure the program would not have uninstalled on its own.

Anyway I’ve used it again with another program, and again it removed dirs/files/keys that the program’s own uninstaller would have left behind I’m sure.

So far I like CPM a lot, thanks! :-TU